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Oshen Skincare - Case Study

Project Overview: Oshen Skincare

Oshen Skincare is a brand that combines a deep passion for the ocean and marine life with a commitment to creating sustainable skincare products. As a PR agency, we were approached by Oshen Skincare to help generate awareness and establish credibility for their brand. They came to us with a clear objective: to position themselves as a leader in eco-friendly skincare and gain recognition for their commitment to environmental preservation.

Oshen Skincare
Oshen Skincare

Problem: Establishing Credibility and Increasing Awareness

Despite their passion and innovative product ideas, Oshen Skincare faced the challenge of limited brand recognition and a competitive skincare industry. They needed to build credibility as an ethical and sustainable skincare brand and generate awareness among their target audience. Additionally, they sought to overcome the hurdle of developing effective and ocean-friendly skincare products while maintaining a gentle and ethical approach.

Strategy: Crafting a Compelling Narrative and Strategic Partnerships

To address these challenges, our PR strategy focused on two key elements: storytelling and strategic partnerships. We recognized the power of Oshen Skincare's founder's personal journey and their dedication to the environment. We crafted a compelling narrative that highlighted their passion for the ocean, their expertise in marine science, and their commitment to developing eco-friendly skincare solutions. This narrative formed the foundation of their brand identity and messaging.

Additionally, we forged strategic partnerships with environmental organizations and influencers who shared Oshen Skincare's values and target audience. Collaborating with these influential voices helped amplify Oshen Skincare's message and reach a wider audience interested in sustainable beauty practices. By leveraging storytelling and strategic partnerships, we aimed to establish Oshen Skincare as a trusted and innovative brand in the skincare industry.

Oshen Skincare

Outcome: Increased Brand Visibility and Credibility

Through our ongoing efforts, Oshen Skincare is achieving significant outcomes. We are working on building press coverage in beauty and lifestyle magazines, online platforms, and influential blogs across the UK. By conducting interviews and profiles, their founder showcases their expertise in marine science and dedication to sustainability, establishing credibility and trust among consumers. The strategic partnerships aims to result in increased brand visibility and resonance with their target audience.

Moving forward, our ongoing work with Oshen Skincare focuses on sustaining and expanding its brand awareness, fostering strategic collaborations, and continuing to develop effective and ocean-friendly skincare products. Our shared goals include solidifying their position as a leader in sustainable beauty, capturing a larger market share, and inspiring consumers to embrace eco-conscious skincare choices.

Clemis Communications

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