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Louisas Lashes and Beauty Case Study

Louisas Lashes and Beauty

Project Overview: Louisas Lashes and Beauty

Louisas Lashes and Beauty is a beauty brand based in Yorkshire that faced challenges due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. They approached our PR agency seeking assistance to revive their business, gain face-to-face clients again, and expand their operations. We provided a range of public relations and branding services to help them overcome these obstacles.

Problem: Resuming Operations and Expanding Business

Following the closure of their operations due to the pandemic, Louisas Lashes and Beauty struggled to resume business and attract face-to-face clients. They needed to rebuild trust, establish themselves as the go-to lash experts in the area, and expand their customer base. Additionally, they aimed to transition from operating as an individual beauty professional to establishing a salon alongside other beauty experts.

Louisas Lashes and Beauty
Louisas Lashes and Beauty Review
Louisas Lashes and Beauty Review

Strategy: Rebranding, Social Media Campaign, and Booking Platform

To address these challenges, we devised a multi-faceted strategy that included rebranding, a social media campaign, and implementing a booking platform with external reach.

First, we rebranded Louisas Lashes and Beauty, creating a new logo and visual identity that aligned with their target audience and positioned them as a trustworthy and professional beauty brand.

Next, we developed a comprehensive social media campaign to gain trust and establish authority in the local beauty industry. This campaign focused on showcasing their expertise in lash services, sharing before and after photos, and engaging with their audience through informative and interactive content.

To streamline their booking process and increase credibility, we implemented a user-friendly booking platform with external reach. This platform allowed clients to easily book appointments online and provided an avenue for testimonials from every client. This feature played a vital role in building trust with potential clients and driving business growth.

Outcome: Business Growth and Building a Trustworthy Beauty Brand

As a result of our efforts, Louisas Lashes and Beauty experienced significant outcomes. The rebranding efforts helped them project a professional image, while the social media campaign positioned them as the go-to lash experts in the area. The implementation of the booking platform not only streamlined their operations but also facilitated the collection of testimonials, showcasing their satisfied clients and enhancing their reputation.

The combination of these strategies led to tangible business growth for Louisas Lashes and Beauty. They successfully attracted new clients, expanded their customer base, and transitioned to operating from a salon alongside other beauty professionals. With a solid and trustworthy brand foundation established, we continue to work with them on new projects, focusing on generating media coverage to further enhance their reputation and establish them as a prominent beauty brand.

Moving forward, our shared goals include maintaining their growth trajectory, expanding their reach, and continuing to build a solid and trustworthy beauty brand in the industry.

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