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PR for LGBTQI+ and women's equality, in business.

Welcome to Clemis Communications, where we stand as your dedicated PR agency, passionately advocating for equality in support of LGBTQI+ and women – both within your organization and in the wider world.

At Clemis, we are more than a PR and Communications agency—we are catalysts for change. Our mission is clear: to equip your company with the resources needed to fully support inclusivity for women and LGBTQI+ staff. We go beyond traditional PR services, implementing both external and internal communications to ensure your brand not only communicates effectively but also stands as a beacon of equality.



Revitalize. Rebuild. Educate and Rise with Clemis.

We partner with forward-thinking companies ready to rebuild their reputation and enhance the lives of their queer and women employees and end users. If you're committed to ending inequality and discrimination, Clemis Communications is your strategic ally.

Join us in reshaping narratives, fostering inclusivity, and driving real change. Choose Clemis Communications – where PR meets purpose.


Mission Statement


Mission #1: Empowering your company with the essential resources to foster inclusivity for women and LGBTQI+ staff, coupled with comprehensive PR services and strategic communication both internally and externally.


Mission #2: Driving towards a future free from inequality and discrimination for women and LGBTQI+ staff.

Why Choose Clemis:

Clemis Communications

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